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Kettering Borough Council gives revised layout of Burton Wold South the go ahead
11 March 2015

At their planning meeting yesterday evening Kettering Borough Council gave the green light to the revised plans for Burton Wold Wind Farm South, approving the plans in a unanimous vote of 8-0. Infinergy is delighted with this result and will now move forward with securing finance for the project, discharging planning conditions and other preparations for construction.

The revised plans comprise a reduction from the originally consented five wind turbines to three, increasing the tip height from 100m to 136.5m. This increases the expected annual power output by approximately 20%, making most of the available wind resource at the site.

There is a community benefit fund associated with the project of up to £42,750 per year for the life of the project. Infinergy will be liaising with Burton Latimer Town Council and Kettering Borough Council on how this fund can be put to best use for the local community.

Infinergy aims to have the project operational by the end of 2016 / early 2017.

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