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Planning application for Burton Wold Wind Farm South submitted to Kettering Borough Council
12 September 2011

Following almost two years of site research, environmental studies and public consultation, Infinergy has now submitted the planning application for Burton Wold Wind Farm South to Kettering Borough Council.

The initial plans comprised 6 wind turbines, but Infinergy’s site investigations have resulted in an eventual 5-turbine layout. Herbert Lindlahr, Infinergy’s Project Director said: “As is our normal practice we have put in a lot of effort to get this application right. Since we started this process, a number of revisions have been made to the original proposal. This has resulted in what we believe is the best possible proposal to put forward to Kettering Borough Council.”

Mr Lindlahr continued: “In Infinergy’s view, the southern extension would complete the Burton Wold Wind Farm, as known technical constraints will make further extensions highly unlikely.”

Approval from Kettering Borough Council would make Burton Wold the centre of renewable energy in the wide area. Mr Lindlahr added: “This part of Northamptonshire has shown tremendous leadership in realising the transition to a low carbon future. Such a significant contribution to renewables in the UK is something to be proud of and indeed celebrate.”

Public consultation for the project is ongoing. Pre-submission consultation results showed that 74% of respondees are either very supportive or supportive of the plans and Infinergy will carry on with the consultation process in the next stage of the project. One of the subjects often discussed is LEO, Local Energy Organisation. This is a new Community Benefits concept, set up by Infinergy, where local residents can benefit from the project directly by receiving reductions in their green electricity bill.

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