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Scoping Report submitted
09 September 2010

Infinergy submitted a Scoping Report for the southern extension of Burton Wold Wind Farm to Kettering Borough Council in September 2010. KBC will provide their Scoping Opinion to the wind farm proposal at a later date.

The Scoping Report describes the methodology and scope of work required in order to commence surveys and environmental studies which need to be conducted to complete the Environmental Impact Assessment.  The findings of which will be reported in the Environmental Statement, the document that supports the planning application when it is submitted to Kettering Borough Council.

The Scoping Report is one of the earliest stages of the planning process and nothing will be constructed until it has passed through the full planning process and all surveys have been carried out.

The Scoping Report identifies the following:

  • Site Infrastructure
  • Wind Farm Operation
  • Site Selection
  • Planning and Environmental Considerations
  • Construction, Operation and Decommissioning
  • Landscape and Visual Assessment
  • Noise
  • Ecology
  • Archaeology
  • Telecommunications
  • Aviation
  • Public Amenity
  • Proposed format of Environmental Impact Assessment

To view the Scoping Report please click here.

When Kettering Borough Council responds to the Scoping Report by means of a Scoping Opinion, it will be added to the Downloads page of this website.

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