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Environmental Impact

When developing a wind farm, many environmental factors are taken into account. To assess what potential impact the project could have on the site and its surrounding area, independent experts undertake studies which are documented in reports accompanying the planning application. 

Environmental Impact Assessment

To assess what potential impact Burton Wold Wind Farm South could have on the site and its surrounding area, the following subjects have been investigated:

  • habitats
  • protected species
  • bats and birds
  • noise
  • historic environment 
  • community and recreation  
  • shadow flicker
  • transport 
  • visual implications

These subjects have been studied with regard to the 5-turbine scheme as well as the 3-turbine scheme in two consecutive Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs).The Environmental Impact Assessment is undertaken to assess potential impacts of the development on the local environment. It also considers what measures are required to avoid, minimise or mitigate any adverse environmental impacts. The results have been documented in the Environmental Statements for both projects, which can be viewed here.  

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