Welcome to Burton Wold Wind Farm South

Burton Wold Wind Farm has gone through various stages of development. The first stage started in 2005 with the construction of ten 100m tall Enercon E70 turbines. The second stage; the construction of nine 132.5m tall GE turbines to the north of the original wind farm was  completed in 2014. Infinergy developed and constructed the third stage; 3 GE turbines of 135m, each with an installed generating capacity of 2.75MW and blades of 60m long. Burton Wold Wind Farm South has been operational since 22 March 2017.

Extension of operational life - planning application 

In June 2020 Infinergy applied to Kettering Borough Council for an extension of the operational life of the project, at present consented for 25 years. It has become evident in the wind energy sector that modern wind turbines, such as the ones constructed at Burton Wold Wind Farm South, are proving extremely durable and can easily continue operation for a prolongued period of time. The application, registered with the Council under reference number KET/2020/0393, seeks to extend operations for up to 10 years. For the submitted application documents please click here

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