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Burton Wold South

Since Burton Wold Wind Farm first became operational in 2006, many people have visited it and for many visitors it was their first encounter with a wind farm. Burton Wold has been an important example where people have the opportunity to experience what it's like to have a wind farm nearby, with various concerns about wind turbines allayed.  

The southern extension is situated on land neighbouring Burton Wold Farm. The site lies approximately 1 kilometre to the south east of Burton Latimer and approximately 1 ½ Kilometres to the north of Finedon. The site boundary falls within Burton Latimer Parish. Initially Infinergy gained planning consent for 5 wind turbines but changed those plans to 3 wind turbines that are higher, enabling them to reach stronger and more consistent wind speeds at the site. 

The redesign in short:

  • A reduction of the number of turbines from 5 to 3, replacing the proposed Enercon E70 with a better suited turbine model;
  • An increase in blade tip height from 100m to 135m, in keeping with the turbines at the northern extension; 
  • An expected increase of annual power output of approximately 20% compared to the consented scheme. 

The three new wind turbines have a combined generating capacity of 8.25MW and they have an estimated lifetime of 20-25 years. After that time, the turbines can be decommissioned with minimum disturbance to the site. Due to technical constraints it is highly unlikely that there will be any extensions to the project.  

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